Expanding on “Beautitudes”


  • Lead me, Lord” by John Becker
  • Seek ye first” by Choirs of Howard University and Patti LaBelle (not familiar melody)
  • Beatitudes” by from Russian Orthodoxy arranged by Richard Proulx



  • Chocolat” (2000), about nature of evil and goodness of creation
  • Pay it Forward” (2000), simply how to change the world


  • commentary “Live Differently” from Journey with Jesus website
  • commentary “On Beatitudes and Blessings” by David Lose
  • contemporary beatitudes:BeatitudesBlessed be the dreamers, for they know how to hope.
    Blessed be the mothers, for they know the value of life.
    Blessed be the faithful, for they know the power of prayer.
    Blessed be the wanderers, for they know the ways of the world.
    Blessed be the silent, for they know how to truly listen.
    Blessed be the teachers, for they know the joy of a child.
    Blessed be the lost, for they know how it feels to be found.
    Blessed be the joyful, for they know the importance of laughter.Copyright © Amy Frazey | Year Posted 2013