Expanding on “Woman at the well”






  • commentary by Pastor Bruce Epperly from Living a holy adventure website
  • commentary “On Beatitudes and Blessings” by David Lose
  • “Psalm of Living Water” by Miriam Therese Winter
    Leader: You are like a mountain spring, O Fountain of Living Water.
    All: I sip from the deep down freshness of Your never-failing love.
    Leader: You are like a summer rain, O Sudden Benediction
    All: drench my soul and quench my thirsting spirit with Your peace.
    Leader: You are like a raging sea, O Storm upon my ocean,
    All: breaking into bits my fragile bark as I learn to lean on You.
    Leader: You are like a waterfall, Oasis in my Desert;
    All: source of my heart’s survival in the press and stress of life.
    Leader: You are like a cleansing flood, River of Reconciliation:
    All: washing away the selfish self-serving signs of my sinfulness.
    Leader: You are like a bottomless well, O Club of lifegiving water:
    All: full up to overflowing. Praise be to you, Shaddai.
    Copyright © Miriam Therese Winter