Epiphany 6 Yr A
Love your enemies


From “Anger and Murder” by Melissa Sevier: Anger isn’t always a bad thing. Anger at injustice provides an impetus and a trajectory toward justice. Moses got angry when the people made an idol. Prophets got angry when widows and orphans were neglected, and when the stranger wasn’t provided with hospitality. Jesus got angry and overturned the tables of those who were profiting from poor worshipers.

The problem comes:

  • even with righteous anger, when we are so angry that we do harm.
  • when we stay angry instead of letting that anger subside and morph into looking for creative and constructive solutions to unjust actions and systems.
  • when anger is a way of life, or a lens through which we view other people.
  • when anger interferes with relationships. . . .

In angry times, it’s important that we rebuild broken relationships. It’s important that we offer criticism in such a way that it constructs bridges instead of barriers. It’s important that we let love for our fellow human beings turn anger into listening, and then into action.

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